Edmund Dulac (French, 1882-1953), "She poured into each jar in turn a sufficient quantity of the boiling oil to scald its occupant to death". Ink and watercolour drawing, 312 x 218 mm.


Kerascoët’s covers for Beauté with scans of the original art for the 2nd and 3rd tomes and the cover design for the first.

I think Kerascoët’s use of green ink is very interesting as a way to define lines and spaces meant for color while maintaining information within the image that black ink would otherwise compromise. It’s a smart method with using green to define the sky against the cloud and especially with the amount of creatures drawn heavily with black, the green prevents her from losing the shapes and figures to black and also from committing the all too common aural line around figure that would completely destroy the eerie mood of the third cover or the delicate detail of the comb going through black hair in the second.

This book looks great. Please come to America. I don’t care if it’s translated or not.



New Big Guy cover!

Big Guy and Rusty the Robot cover by Geof Darrow for the new mini-series serialising in Dark Horse Presents in August.


Joe Kubert’s cover art for ‘Joe Kubert Presents’ #’s 1-6.

This is the final art for the front of the slipcase for the 2 volume set for The Complete Eightball 1-18 published by Fantagraphics due out later this year. WOW!

(Source : fantagraphics)